Holli singingMusic can transcend the mundane, bringing us in solidarity with our community in a truly sacred experience. At Congregation Har HaShem, we are blessed with outstanding music. With leadership from Cantorial Soloist Holli Berman on the bima each Shabbat, our monthly 2nd Shabbat Musical Service led by Har HaShem's band, Or Zimrah, the voices of our youth choir, Kol No’ar, teen songleaders, and vibrant congregational participation, there is always an entry to express joy, sorrow, or longing through prayer, melody, and song. Our music inspires. Come sing with us!


 - Click here  to hear some of the music of our synagogue.

Adult Choir

Do you love to sing? Do you love Jewish music? Our wonderful adult choir meets two Wednesdays a month to learn together, sing, and deepen our Jewish connections. We help lead services on occasion, bringing beauty and depth to our worship experience at Har HaShem. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Or Zimrah

OrZimrah colorOr Zimrah (Radiant Song) is the band of Congregation Har HaShem. Or Zimrah leads our 2nd Shabbat services on the second Friday of each month, bringing Jewish music and prayer a contemporary and inspirational edge. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Who is Or Zimrah?

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Kol No'ar - Click here to hear our youth choir singing some of their favorite Jewish songs.

Kol No'ar (Voices of Youth) is the youth choir of Har HaShem run by Cantorial Soloist Holli Berman. Students learn vocal technique, performance skills, harmony, and wonderful Jewish music. Students sing and help lead a Har HaShem worship service. For students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. 




Har HaShem aims to include individuals of any age who may temporarily or permanently move, hear, see, touch, think, learn, communicate, process stimuli, and/or experience emotions differently.