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JYG (Junior Youth Group) is Har HaShem’s sixth through eighth grade youth group. JYG typically holds a monthly social activity, a monthly Youth Shabbat, a regional overnight MV (Missouri Valley) NFTY event, and an overnight retreat. All events center around Jewish learning, community building, and engaging students in Judaism’s most sacred traditions. 
8th/9th Grade Intensives
Fall Semester: Jewish Takes on Hot Topics
Spring Semester: Abraham’s 3 Religions
These courses are a chance to delve into issues of interest to the students that enable them to grapple with what Judaism offers as a way of understanding the world around them and making sense of their place in as they navigate the issues they confront in their middle and early high school their middle and early high school years.


Confirmation (10th grade)

Confirmation is a lifecycle event at the conclusion of 10th grade. Students will affirm their Jewish beliefs by building upon the B'nai Mitzvah experience in which they have individually agreed to accept the responsibilities of being a Jewish adult. This group experience allows students to confirm their commitment to the Jewish community. Confirmation culminates with a Shavuot service that celebrates students' learning and highlights the affirmation of their Jewish identity.


11th/12th Grade Seminar
The seminar will challenge students to examine the world around them, while encouraging critical examination of their lives and communities through a Jewish lens. Topics will cover Jewish Activism, Halacha (Jewish law) and the Modern day Jew, The Atheistic Jew, Equality Scandals of The Chief Rabbinate, Relating to Israel and more! 


Boulder Temple Youth (BTY) is Boulder's largest 9th thru 12th grade Jewish youth group, and a member of the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY). All programs are planned by a student-run BTY board including social, cultural, social action events, as well as the popular Tube N' Tub Overnight in the mountains, monthly club events, and many, many more fun local events and overnights. This is in addition to the three to four weekends a year at the regional NFTY Chavurot!
The Israel Study Tour
The Israel Study Tour, a five week program in Poland and Israel the summer following 11th grade is aimed at developing a relationship to the land, state, and people of Israel and is a unique Hebrew High offering. To find out more about IST, click HERE.


Noah Andrew Cohen Scholarship

(May 11, 1982 – August 14, 2004)

NoahCohenThere are people who enter this world with tremendous gifts. Some are bright, others compassionate; some search for meaning, others strive for success.

Noah Cohen, a student here at Congregation Har HaShem, embodied all of these qualities and more! Noah grew up here and was in Rabbi Deborah Bronstein’s Confirmation class where he appreciated the discussions, debates and the learning.

Noah was liked and respected by peers and adults. He was a successful student, an avid reader, and a positive role model. One of Noah’s teachers even thought of him as noble for his graciousness and generosity.

Like many teens, unfortunately, Noah began to face struggles. While he wanted to be a part of something meaningful, he also battled with depression and mental illness. In Confirmation class, he found a safe place to explore ideas, to seek out meaning, to be his authentic self.

When Noah was only 22 years old, he took his own life.

His parents, who love him, and his community, who remembers him fondly, established this scholarship fund to remember him and his gifts. One of those gifts was the value he placed in his search for meaning.  We encourage our Confirmation students to apply for this scholarship by submitting entries that reflect their search for meaning. We remember Noah as a young man who was a seeker and we encourage our students to be seekers, too. 

Scholarship Award Winners

Jordan Zicklin - 2018

Molly Kodish - 2017 - Watch Molly's video here.

Maggie Atwell - 2016

Aaron Keller - 2014

Application Information

Who is eligible: 
Confirmation students at Congregation Har HaShem. The scholarship will not be based on financial need. 
The Rabbi, Cantorial Soloist and Director of Lifelong Learning will serve on a committee to review submissions. This group of people may be expanded to include others with their unanimous agreement.
Students should submit an essay that is between 400-600 words; or an artistic presentation which can include: painting, drawing, photography, music composition, or video production. All submissions need to respond to one of these questions:
How has one of your most significant challenges brough meaning into your life?
What brings meaning to your life?
How do you search for meaning in your life?
In addition, these questions need to address how Judaism - in any of its authentic aspects (spirituality, learning, community, social justice, etc.) plays a role in the response to the questions above.
Scholarship awards:
A $500 scholarship can be allocated from the Noah Cohen Scholarship Fund for one student per year. The scholarship is for use towards a program that will encourage the student to seek out meaning through Jewish experiences. This scholarship can be used towards a NFTY program, a program within the Union for Reform Judaism and Religious Action Center, a Jewish summer camp experience, an Israel Summer experience, a Jewish teen or college student seminar or conference, or other Jewish programs with the approval of the rabbi. 



Har HaShem aims to include individuals of any age who may temporarily or permanently move, hear, see, touch, think, learn, communicate, process stimuli, and/or experience emotions differently.