"Some fifty years ago, when Har HaShem was organized, it was "the only game in town" and offered basic Jewish concepts - education, services, and community affairs - for all who wanted them. Since then, a large number of synagogues and many ancillary groups have come into existence. But I believe that not one of them offer the programs, the facilities, and the expertise, both rabbinical and lay, that Har HaShem does. Not the only game in town, but still the all-encompassing one." - Arthur Bronstein (z"l'), Founding Member, Boulder

"Har HaShem is a welcome home to all ages. we are active members of Kulam, the congregation's social group for adults in their 20s to early 40s, where we enjoy Shabbat dinners, hikes, cultural learning, and activities - both within the synagogue and outside of the synagogue. It's been a great experience that without which, we would never have met and married! We hope to continue with Har HaShem for years to come." - Meredith and Jesse Warman, Westminster

"We joined Har HaShem when we moved to Boulder six years ago, and we were delighted to be matched up with a chavurah right away that had couples with young kids the same age as ours. Not only are we sharing holidays and milestones, but our friendships have deepened, and our kids are growing up together. Being a part of Har HaShem helped us to connect to our community, and we are continually building upon those bonds as the years pass. We enjoy bringing our young ones to Tot Shabbat, Mishpacha Family Adventures, Mini Menshes, and so many other activities. It's a great part of our lives." - Julie and Dan Cohen, Boulder

"We try not to miss the monthly 2nd Shabbat service and dinner with the amazing Har HaShem band Or Zimrah. This great way to wind-down the week gets our bodies moving and minds focused on the spirit of Shabbat. The singing along doesn't hurt either." - Jeff and Beth Tatelman, Louisville

"By volunteering on the Har HaShem Bikkur Cholim Committee, I've had opportunities to serve the larger Jewish community. Providing food to families during difficult times is a way to do holy work, and visiting a member in need gave me the gift of spending time with someone who turned into a lifelong friend. I've also learned so much from our rabbis about how to see the world through the Jewish lens of tikkun olam, and this gives real meaning to serving the needs of others." - Donna Werner, Boulder

"I appreciate the dedication to tikkun olam - it's important that my synagogue reflect my personal commitment to healing the world." - Becky O'Brien, Lafayette

"We love that our kids get a Jewish experience at Har HaShem's summer camp KHHS. The staff creates a schedule that is fun and full of activities including Jewish songs and values. Celebrating Shabbat as a part of summer camp is special. The kids form lasting relationships with other Jewish kids in the community which provides a sense of belonging as well as fun bein g around the synagogue." - Sam and Jen Goldman, Superior

"When I was hospitalized after the birth of my second child, rabbinical visits in the hospital, emotional support for my family, and offers of food and childcare made a difficult time much easier. As an interfaith family, having such unconditional support from Har HaShem confirmed our faith in the temple, its clergy, and members. This wonderful community is filled with love, support, and friendship that helps us all to be more loving, accepting, and inclusive." - Wendy Lewis, Boulder 

Har HaShem aims to include individuals of any age who may temporarily or permanently move, hear, see, touch, think, learn, communicate, process stimuli, and/or experience emotions differently.