There are many paths to community at Har HaShem. Congregants can choose from a wide range of groups and activities, including Neighborhood Groups, Youth Groups, the Women of Har HaShem, Temple Brotherhood, Chavurot, Special Interest Groups, Star of David Seniors, and volunteering on a variety of committees.

One To One

One To One is a new initiative for our community which connects congregants from Har HaShem who have experienced a life challenge with other congregants currently undergoing a similar difficulty.  The goal is to offer support to members who wish to speak with someone who individually or within their family has had to face physical or mental illness, loss or other hardships.

In response to our request for volunteers 19 individuals have come forward to offer their assistance.  The topics identified so far include:

-Caring for aging parents
-Serious illness of a child
-Loss of a family member
-Children with special needs
-Foster care and adoption
-Estrangement with adult children
-Eating disorders
-Dealing with addiction of a family member
-Grandparents raising grandchildren


We are now ready to offer our presence to those of you who want to speak with someone who has experienced a life event similar to what you are currently or recently struggling to move beyond.

Our volunteers will not be offering solutions or providing therapy.  What we envision is support for fellow members of our community who want to connect with others who have had a similar experience.

Everyone copes with life challenges individually based on who they are.  There are no magic answers.  Sometimes speaking with another who can respectfully listen and be empathetic from an experiential perspective can offer hope and solace to assist in the healing process.

We can’t guarantee everyone will be able to find a match.  It depends on how many of our volunteers can speak to a particular issue.  We will do our very best to be as responsive and supportive as we can.

If you have questions or would like to be connected with a volunteer please contact David Bernstein, Coordinator of One to One at 303-877-0204 or Rabbi Greene at 303-499-7077x123.

For those who choose to engage in this initiative, we are grateful for your trust in us as we continue to strive to be a caring community at Har HaShem.

Har HaShem aims to include individuals of any age who may temporarily or permanently move, hear, see, touch, think, learn, communicate, process stimuli, and/or experience emotions differently.