Some of the most vital and beautiful moments in life come through rich experiences of Jewish connection with other people. It’s not surprising, the broader Jewish story is one defined by a great sense of connection and common experience. From the profound shared spiritual reality of standing together at Mt. Sinai, the lively arguments at a Seder table, the whirling celebratory circles at a Jewish wedding, or the chorus of kids singing the Shema at religious school, the Jewish people have always reimagined Jewish life, and have always done it together.

Har HaShem in the Neighborhood is an innovative approach to community building. Our goal is to let our neighbors know they are not alone and facilitate opportunities to meet, celebrate, and care for one another in our neighborhoods, as well as at the synagogue. To be Jewish is to be in community. 

Join us in participating in a more vibrant and authentic Jewish life in Boulder. True, there were no neighborhood captains at Mt. Sinai or in the shtetls of Europe. But Jewish life was different then, and what is called for now to create beautiful and powerful Jewish community is precisely what Har HaShem in the Neighborhood is about.

The impulse for this neighborhood initiative grew from the Kehillah Project. The 30 volunteers who ran Kehillah tilled the soil by conducting 200 face-to-face conversations with members of this congregation. We talked about people’s concerns, passions, complaints, traded ideas about Jewish life and values. The need for something like this neighborhood initiative surfaced again and again as we talked. A smaller group of Kehillah volunteers then planted the seed and developed the idea, and neighborhood captains volunteered to help coordinate at the local level.  

Click HERE to see the list of neighborhood captains in your area to get involved. If you do not see a Neighborhood Captain listed in your zip code or area, consider being a captain yourself! 

Har HaShem aims to include individuals of any age who may temporarily or permanently move, hear, see, touch, think, learn, communicate, process stimuli, and/or experience emotions differently.

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